Frequently asked questions

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled consultation to provide all relevant reports from other health professionals (e.g. speech therapist) or school teachers and to complete the registration form.

If the concern is regarding physical problems, please consider bringing any available photos or a videos to show Dr Chris Toumpas.

Dr Chris Toumpas will ask detailed questions and perform a physical examination. He will then explain what specific test, procedure is treatment is required. For complex problems, a review appointment is required to discuss the results, the diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Dr Chris Toumpas works at Woolloongabba and Greenslopes Private Hospital. He has rooms located at Paeds in a Pod – Woolloongabba. This clinic is centrally located with parking and easy access for patients.

Dr Chris Toumpas is also regularly on call at Greenslopes Private Hospital together with the Greenslopes Obstetricians to care for babies born at Greenslopes Maternity. He can also see babies at the Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology (GOG) rooms urgently while he is on call at Greenslopes Maternity or at regular clinics for babies.

Clinic bookings can be made online or by calling Paeds in a Pod on 3177 2000.

Please see this link for the Paeds in a Pod contact details including a map.

Dr Chris Toumpas works full-time in private practice. He also cares for babies at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. If his private patients require a hospital admission, Dr Toumpas can admit them to the Mater Children’s Private Hospital.

Dr Chris Toumpas sees all children from birth to leaving school.

Dr Chris Toumpas regularly sees newborn babies at Greenslopes Maternity. If his patients require, he can admit babies to the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. Dr Toumpas also admits children privately to the Mater Children’s Private Brisbane.

  1. A GP referral (if not already provided) in order to claim a Medicare rebate.
  2. Your child’s red book – especially for infants or growth problems.
  3. All previous assessments and reports including blood tests, imaging, school, allied health or other learning assessments.

Dr Chris Toumpas understands that children can have very complex problems which need time and collaboration to manage optimally. As such, new appointments are one hour and review appointments are 30 minutes. Please allow at least 15 minutes before your appointment for car parking and a further 10-15 minutes to register at reception. This will allow as much time as possible for the consultation.

Dr Chris Toumpas has regular clinics on Mondays to Thursdays at Paeds in a Pod at Woolloongabba or at the Greenslopes Obstetricians rooms at Greenslopes Private Hospital. Dr Chris Toumpas is regularly on call at Greenslopes Private Hospital and is in a unique position to have urgent appointments when he is on call. Please contact reception on 07 3177 2000 for further details.

Dr Chris Toumpas also uses Telehealth for eligible patients.

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Please contact Paeds in a Pod for bookings and further information: